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Awesome Tables Games to Play in a Casino

There are many awesome tables games to play in a casino, but finding ones which suit your needs is more difficult than you’d think. Read on for more! We play casino games to have fun, but above everything else for a chance at real money. People often neglect table games in favour of glamorous slots, but little do they know tables games offer much better odds at winning. But sticking with the safety of slots can lead to you doing yourself a disservice. It’s important to realise that not all games are treated the same. One major difference is the variable nature of the payout percentage of different games within each casino.

Some games have more of a house edge than others, a determinant of the payout rate of respective games. Some games hold a statistical advantage for the casino, but many table games give the player a bigger shot at success. Based on statistical analysis, games with the lowest house edge give you a better chance to win. Table Games have significant history in the gaming world, elevated further by the advent of online gambling. Now players can experience great games from the comfort of their own homes, a convenience which has lifted modern gambling to new heights.

Table games have a pronounced history, with many dating back centuries. There’s nothing quite like playing a live casino game. Each and every game comes with unique challenges, but offers the opportunity to rely on an element of skill rather than leaving everything to chance. But what are some of the best table games to play in a casino? Let’s delve a bit deeper to bring awareness to some of the best games available to you:


Blackjack has survived the test of time as one of the leading casino table games. Its roots stem back to 18th century France, and since its inception Blackjack has gone on to more stellar heights than anyone could have foreseen. Blackjack has grown in popularity partly due to the simplicity of the game. Players compete against a dealer and try to form a hand as close to 21 as possible.

The easy to play nature of Blackjack means anyone can participate, players of all skill and experience levels. The game begins after both the players and dealer are dealt two cards each. From here the objective is to keep taking another card until you’re satisfied with your outcome.

The player closest to 21 wins, and if you beat the dealer’s hand you win a split of the pot. The process of taking another card is called a ‘hit’, whereas the option to end your turn is known as a ‘stand’. You can also double your stake and take another card, or split your hand into two separate ones to spread your odds.

‘Blackjack’ is when you hit 21 with your first two cards, a feat which occurs with an ace and a picture card. Blackjack is a favourable game for maximising return because you can implement strategies to optimise success.


Baccarat is a highly-regarded casino game which is played on exclusive tables. It is known as high-stakes despite the concept of the game being very simple. As a Baccarat participant you’ll have an opportunity to either back the player’s hand, the banker’s or predict a tie. The best hand is whichever adds up closest to nine, where aces count as one and picture cards zero.

For hands which are greater than ten you simply subtract ten from the final figure to get your score. To give you a practical example, a 5+6 equates to a score of 11-10=1.

Backing the best hand pays out evenly on a win, the main way to win conventionally. If however you successfully back a tie, you’ll receive an impressive payout at odds of 8/1. This is a great incentive to engage with a game which has become very popular over the years. What’s great is you don’t have to win individual hands for a chance to win, instead predict the likelihood of an outcome.

This opens up doors for you to reduce your odds of winning, meaning the game offers higher payout rates than those based on total chance.


Though there are a few variants of this classic table game, the principles remain the same. Roulette is typically a game of chance, though spread betting to cover as many options as possible is a great way to increase your probability of winning.

Roulette is fantastic for newcomers because it’s easy to play, but that doesn’t mean it becomes less enjoyable as you advance through the ranks. The European version of the game is generally considered more rewarding for players because the house odds are slightly decreased. This variant uses just one zero segment with numbers ranging from 0-36. Here half are coloured red and the other half black, where the zero is identified as green. American Roulette favours house odds more because there are two zero segments.

In Roulette you can either back even bets (like red or black and odd or even for example) or back specific numbers on the board at much longer odds. The second approach is a great chance at a high payout, though you reduce your odds of winning quite significantly as a result. The evens approach gives you a greater chance of winning than most other casino games.


Craps is perceived to be complex at the best of times, but in actuality follows a fairly straightforward concept. What it does offer is some of the best odds available to you at a casino. Craps creates a lively environment with various participants involved, whether you play online or at the helm of a real life table.

So you’re probably wondering how does the game work? Well, it begins with one of the players at your table rolling a pair of dice. The ultimate goal numerically is to total either seven or eleven, in which case betting players win.

To become involved in a given throw you must place your stake over the ‘pass line’. This is then classified as a bet to win, so if the roller hits a winning combination you’ll win money. Players who have placed bets lose their stake if the roller shoots a two, three or twelve. If you hit a number which doesn’t correspond with the aforementioned, the number reached is the ‘point’ from which the shooter has to roll that number again for ‘pass line’ bets to win.

If the roller goes on to roll a seven everybody loses and the game resets. This highly unique concept is very appealing, where there is an option to place advanced bets and increase your odds even further. Sticking to the basics in the early days is a great way to form a foundation from which you can fine tune your craps skills. Craps is an exciting game which is well worth the price of admission!